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TN Patta Chitta Online View and Apply – 2024

Patta is an important document required to proceed with any transaction involving land. It is a legal document obtained from the Tahsildar office in the name of the actual owner... Read More

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What is Warehousing? How Many Types, Functions And Processes

A warehousing is a large commercial storage space or building where a company keeps many things in an organized manner to improve its distribution. A place where goods are stored... Read More

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What is Circle Rate? And Its Important Points

The minimum price at which a real estate property can be transferred from one owner to another owner is called the circle rate. The circular rate is the lowest and... Read More

How Can an NRI Buy a Property in India

NRIs are said to be investing more in the real estate sector. As the processes of real estate laws are much simpler, they are investing more than earlier. An NRI... Read More

Top 5 Basic Functions of Management: A Simple Guide

Functions of management are the basic tasks managers do to run a business smoothly. These functions include planning, organizing, leading, controlling and Coordinating. Planning sets goals, like making a roadmap.... Read More

Fishes are generally of all kinds and shapes and sizes. Some fishes swim quietly in circles. Some fishes swim very fast and beautiful to look at. Many fishes swim solitary... Read More

Personality is a unique way of feeling, behaving, and thinking. We can change our personality traits if we want to. These are meant to make you stand out and help... Read More