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Blueoxy Dishwasher Detergent Powder

Buy Dishwasher Detergent powder with less price and Blueoxy dishwasher detergent gives you the deep cleaning power plus amazing shine. Detergent powder is made to wash dishes in Dishwasher. This... Read More

Professional and Easy Oven & grill cleaner spray – Blueoxy

Blueoxy professional and easy Oven & Grill Cleaner spray is a special quad action formula specially developed to remove and cut through all kinds carbon deposits, fats and oil.... Read More


Water discharge or additional unconditionally wet ingress in buildings results in damp, uncomfortable internal environments; deterioration of internal finishes (including mould growth); unpleasant damp areas on wall and ceiling surfaces... Read More

Sunanda Chemicals Recognised As Product Innovator

Sunanda Company’s Chairman and manager, Dr. Surendra Manjrekar distinguished that concrete once poured underwater can disintegrate because the cement gets washed away leading to concrete not setting. generally over the... Read More

Black Masterbatches suppliers in South Africa

Very common grades used in FILMS, PIPES, CABLES, ROTOMOULDING & COMPOUNDING. These master batches are based on LDPE/LLDPE carrier resin in powder form & carbon grades of particle size 20-80... Read More

SLES (Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate) is a chemical material with a chemical composition similar to SLS, but it is much milder and kinder to the skin than SLS. Palvi Chemicals... Read More

Want To Buy Menthol Oil At Affordable Prices

If you are looking to Buy Menthol Oil at affordable price then you are on right place. Dockmate international is the leading manufacturer of menthol oil, powder and crystals from... Read More

Menthol crystals for sale available at affordable and cheapest price. Dockmate International is the leading manufacturer and supplier of menthol crystals, powder and oil. Each and every product is of... Read More

Ecochem research and development, our researchers have finally formulated a range of bio-based green cleaning products. Eochem is built on two major foundation stones, Green and Safe. With meditative that... Read More

Purchasing a home in Singapore, be it a HDB or private property, is and can be a hurricane experience. A few group are buying land to begin off as a... Read More