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Light Fixtures ga wire Pvc electrical boxes

Braro Industries is one of the world’s leading and most trusted companies specializing in export-import all Electrical & Lighting Products and Wholesale. Started in May 2020 to fill the gap... Read More

Electronic waste is created when any electronic device is discarded after it has been used. As it contains various harmful materials including lead, cadmium and beryllium in addition to posing... Read More

According to IFC (International Finance Corporation) the e-waste sector in India will generate 4.5 lakh direct job opportunities by 2025. That is the kind of potential the sector holds. Namo... Read More

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Polycarbonate LED Downlight in India

Antigua is an anti-glare diffuser that gives a soft and comfortable environment. It has a Polycarbonate body with high efficiency and low power consumption technology. It is a Concealed light/... Read More

Singh Isotech Pvt. Ltd. is a 24 Year old Electrical Turnkey Projects in India. It is ISO MSME NSIC and Class A certified Electrical Contractors in india. Along with Electrical... Read More