Generators come in two main types — fixed and portable. And there are Hyundai generators in Australia under both categories. Fixed generators are installed on a site or location and do not move from there in their lifetime. These are frequently used for standby power, especially where continuous power supply is a high priority, or for industrial worksites, where the power requirements exceed the capacity that can be drawn from the grid all in one go.

There are models of fixed generators that are bigger and provide a lot more power than portable generators, sometimes even in the hundreds of kVAs (essentially the same as Watts for modern devices with high Power Factors). For instance, there is the Hyundai diesel generator DHY125KSE which provides a whopping 125kVAs. This generator is ideal for standby power supply on a commercial scale because it has an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) which can be setup to detect a mains power loss (blackout or similar) and boot up to cover the power supply downtime.