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what is python and its adavntages

what is python and its adavntages

Submitted by • August 26, 2020

Python is a language of quality. IT enthusiasts impressed with its dynamic semantics. Due to its built-in data structures, and also how it eases dynamic binding and typing, this translated language is ideal for rapid application development. It's also attractive as a language for scripting or adhesive which can bind elements. The best thing about python is unquestionably its syntax which is not simple to learn but also extremely handy. Python coding and reading is easier when compared with other languages. It guarantees. This speech enables program modularity and code reuse by virtue of its support for modules and packages. That means you could design programs that maintain a design that is modular. And over projects, the codes can be used by you. Python interpreter plus a standard library can be found in binary or source form. Is there a benefit to this? Definitely! These are both completely cost-free. Python delivers productivity since developers are in love with this language

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