Top 10 Best Real Estate Investment Places In Chennai

Chennai has expanded far & wide with new land additions.
An investor should be very careful in making investments in the lands.
The focus on long-term yields while investing in Real Estate very essential.
The condition of the market & demands plays a significant role in the real estate business.
The return on investment is a major factor in determining the profitability of real estate investment.
Generally, the return on investment is very high in commercial properties.
If we are very particular about stable income, then rental properties are highly profitable.
proper care has to be taken to avoid wrong investments
Good Location
● Purchase Price
● Small Flaws
● Low Maintenance Cost & Care
● Good Rent-to-price Ratio
● Low Vacancy Rates
● Long-term Appeal
● Fast Turnaround From Purchase To Renting
● Multiple Industry-dependent Nature.
Good location mainly depends on the purpose of purchase & category to be targeted
The purpose of purchase is long-term yields & very good return on investments.
Each target category has its own preferences.
For example,
Families prefer the proximity to schools, Colleges, essentials & also nearby leisure facilities.
The working category prefers the proximity to workplaces & connectivity, mobility & transport facilities.
The location should have growth potential of solid infrastructure with proper backup of planned improvements.
The location should be ideal for healthy local businesses & should cater to the need of high educational facilities.
The location should have good public transportation systems.
The location should have clearly marked access to public streets/roads/pathways.
If the location is situated with a front directly on the street/road, it’s better.
The rapidly developing infrastructure, robust connectivity, and the growth of IT/ITes establishment are highly appreciable.
The money matters the most. The property’s true value is the intrinsic value.
The yield & growth potential determines the true value of a property.
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