Tibet Travel Agency Based In Tibet Lhasa

Tibet is vast, in that it normally covers a long mileage from point A to point B. Besides, the living standard of Tibet is much higher than China’s inland provinces. For instance, if a can of soda sells CNY 2 in China’s inland, it will be CNY 3-5 in Tibet.

As a reputable Tibet tour operator running small group tours since 2005, we focus on saving costs for those individual travelers who want to have a budget Tibet tour. Our Small Group Tours include the most classic itineraries at an affordable price and premium tour experience. That’s why if you were traveling alone, it’s better to consider Tibet Group Tour to share the expense with other travelers by saving at least 20%.

The departure is guaranteed once you book our Tibet Tour Package. Even if we fail to recruit others, no extra charge will be forced upon you.

Each group is a maximum of 12 members to ensure quality. Be smart with your money, join our fantastic group and enjoy a lifetime tour into Tibet!

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