Talent Management: Strategies for Retention

Given the significance of talented employed in relation to meeting the needs of an organization and creating more innovation and productivity it is important that an organization hires and develops employees. As such a company’s HR strategies for retention need to be designed in such manner as to attract, develop, motivate and retain employed who are productive, motivated and engaged. Talent management refers to the expectation of the required human capital for an organization or business and the planning done to meet those needs.

It means to manage the ability, competence and power of the employees of an organization. It can be affected bt external factors and environment. As part of the human resource team it is critical that there is true commitment to recruiting, hiring, retaining and developing the talents employees (G.Collings & KamelMellahi, 2009). For employees to remain in an organization factors which play a decisive role are job satisfaction, work-life balance and organizational commitment.

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