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Effects Of Ativan Withdrawal Symptoms

Ativan withdrawal symptoms are the side effects of long-term Ativan consumption. Although there’s a general misconception that prescribed medications are safer than illegal street drugs, they come with their own caveats.... Read More

Are Whippets as a Drug Dangerous?

Whippets are a street name for the steel cartridges that are filled with nitrous oxide and used in whipped cream dispensers. Nitrous oxide has long been a safe sedation method,... Read More

"10 Most Addictive Drug List "

When you type “detox programs near me” into your browser, are you not all that impressed with what you find? Does it seem like each detox you look into ends... Read More

Ankur Nashamukti Kendra is best Nasha Mukti Kendra in Pune is an institution that provides treatment to relieve or reduce any addiction. Till date, we have helped more than patients... Read More

Dual Diagnosis is a term used for those who suffer from a psychological or behavioural illness concurrent with alcohol or drug addiction. In most cases, one condition contributes to, or... Read More