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"10 Most Addictive Drug List".

Drug use has rapidly increased in the past decade, and according to a 2017 study, over 19 million Americans struggle with substance abuse. Psychoactive drugs trigger the brain’s reward system... Read More

Heavy drug and alcohol use can have lasting impacts on the mind and body, and even moderate to mild drug use causes Long Term Side Effects. Some side effects of... Read More


alcohol use disorder (AUD) is drinking to the point of harm and distress. This medical condition causes you to drink compulsively and experience withdrawal effects like irritability and anxiety when... Read More

Drug and alcohol detox Recovery

Lighthouse Recovery Center is a Los Angeles-based addiction treatment facility. We believe that an inclusive, holistic approach is the best way to get patients on the road to recovery. We... Read More

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment

Our variety of treatment options, coupled with the manageable size of our drug and alcohol addiction treatment program guarantees that each individual gets specifically what they need. At Wisdom Treatment Center... Read More