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Repairing your tablet (Samsung) is not impossible and in most cases, you can save a bit of money if you fix it with us. Whether you've broken the screen or something is stuck in the docking station connector or headphone jack, we can help you fix it. Most of us have had a hardware problem with our tablet (Samsung) or have known someone who has. Bringing your tablet to its respective service center for a repair or replacement is always an option, but it costs a bit. We repair/replace your screens, charging and docking stations, cameras, and many other parts at half the cost of your respective authorized service center. Broken screens or charging issues are the most common repair when it comes to tablet (Samsung) issues so we've come together to fix it like new.

We also know that not all broken (Samsung) tablets are the result of physical damage. No material design is perfect and the (Samsung) tablet is no exception. Sometimes buttons, switches, home buttons, power buttons, and batteries fail as soon as we are out of warranty. It is so. From replacing a dock connector to repairing an unresponsive home button, tablet screen replacement, software issues, in Gurgaon. Repair Maniac is here for you.

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