Rosemary essential oil for skin- with Anti Pigmentation Blend

Inveda’s Anti Pigmentation Blend is enriched with Rosemary essential oil for skin & Bergamot Oil extracts. Rosemary is essential oil for skin that stimulates nervous system, removes extra melanin. Bergamot is anti-oxidant, keeps skin clean.

Inveda’s Anti-Pigmentation Blend & all products covers up 7 layers of skin.

1. Avabhasini. The outermost layer reflects the complexion and the quality of skin.
2. Lohita. It supports the outer layer maintaining the quality of Rakta Dhatu (blood).
3. Shweta. A white layer that provides balance to skin colour, lightening the darker colours of the inner layers.
4. Tamra. Helps the skin perform its function of being a barrier for infections.
5. Vedini. It helps protect skin sensitivity.
6. Rohini. For healing and regeneration.
7. Mamsadhara. This innermost layer helps in maintaining skin stability and firmness.

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