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Quorum is permissioned blockchain platform based on ethereum focussed on enterprises and specifically designed for the financial sector. Quorum Blockchain is built for the sharing and replication of data that is the common need for a financial enterprise. This is a layer on top of Ethereum enabling robust performance of private transactions with different consensus algorithms. The Quorum has increased performance than public Go-ethereum (Geth) protocol.

Quorum blockchain development services:
Quorum Blockchain Development:
Quorum is an enterprise Blockchain that leverages Ethereum's smart contract and other transactional capabilities. We build scalable dApps and blockchain powered solutions that take advantage of Quorum's capabilities.

Permissioned Blockchain development:
Permissioned blockchain development for enterprises focuses on creating a new generation of Highly secure blockchain powered platforms that limit access to those who are approved.

Supply chain Management development:
Quorum Blockchain powered Supply Chain Management development involves developing a platform that tracks every stage of manufacturing to maintain quality, save cost & time.

Cross-Border Payments development:
Cross-border payments platform enables transferring money across the world with Zero to low-cost transaction fees. Developing a platform on Quorum Blockchain enhances privacy and faster transactions.

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