There are numerous benefits of engaging contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) / contract manufacturing organizations (CMO) for nanoparticle manufacturing; for instance, contracting a supplier for medical grade nanoparticles enables sponsors to leverage new technologies (available with the service provider), access larger capacities and achieve greater operational flexibility. Presently, there are several contract manufacturers and technology providers, who claim to have the required capabilities to manufacture nanoparticles (lipid and metal nanoparticles). However, the global expertise and capabilities necessary for the production of GMP grade nanoparticles are currently limited. As a result, many companies offering contract manufacturing services for nanoparticles are actively trying to consolidate their presence in this field, by entering into various strategic alliances to broaden their respective service portfolios. It is also worth highlight that, recently, a number of deals were inked between vaccine developers and CMOs in order to cater the urgent need for nanoparticle-based solutions for the development of COVID-19 vaccines. Given the benefits of using nanoparticles to improve drug-like properties, we believe, that the demand for high quality nanoparticles is likely to drive considerable growth within the specialty contract manufacturing market in the coming years.

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