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Materials used for HF circuit boards

Materials used for HF circuit boards

Submitted by • June 9, 2020

Materials used for HF circuit boards:

High-frequency boards, e.g. for wireless applications and data rates in the upper GHz range have special demands on the material used: Adapted permittivity Low attenuation for efficient signal transmission Homogeneous construction with low tolerances in insulation thickness and dielectric constant For many applications, it is sufficient to use FR4 material with an appropriate layer buildup. In addition, we process high-frequency materials with improved dielectric properties. These have a very low loss factor, a low dielectric constant, and are primarily temperature and frequency independent. Additional favourable properties are high glass transition temperature, an excellent thermal durability, and very low hydrophilic rate. We use (among others) Rogers or PTFE materials (for example, Teflon from DuPont) for impedance controlled high frequency circuit boards. Sandwich buildups for material combinations are also possible.

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