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Is Buckwheat Gluten-Free? Does Buckwheat Contain Gluten?

Is Buckwheat Gluten-Free? Does Buckwheat Contain Gluten?

Submitted by • February 14, 2020

Buckwheat and wheat, in fact, come from different botanical families. Buckwheat seeds are technically the fruit of a plant called Fagopyrum esculentum, while wheat berries are ripe seeds from plants in genus Triticum.

Buckwheat is grown for its seeds. And although it is definitely not a grain, it is sometimes referred to as a “pseudocereal.” To process it into food, buckwheat seeds must first be removed. The residual content, namely groats is grinded into flour for consumption.
Why Buckwheat isn’t entirely Gluten-Free

Buckwheat is processed similarly like gluten-containing grains. For instance, if you’re using the same equipment on which wheat, barley, and rye is also treated, gluten grains might get mixed with the final buckwheat product. It’s not surprising though!

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