Im not your enemy | US-GCP TROY J. WALKER

Troy J. Walker – Activist, Poet, and Entrepreneur. Troy is dedicated to the liberation of People of Color mind’s that have been handicapped and oppressed for years through institutionalized racism.

Mr. Walker, is self-educated and has overcome the tough streets of New Orleans, five years of incarceration, and being homeless after the devastation of hurricane Katrina.

Resurrected with the passions of his ancestors he has been tasked to deliver a strong message to his people and those who support the systematic destruction of People of color.

His message is uncompromising, and speaks to the true essence of his people’s existence.
Troy J. Walker is the unbridled continuation of a fearless nation of revolutionary minds that America has sought to silence.
His words are to the point and motives are clear, “We are not begging for nothing anymore” this is who he is!

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