Your servers are the backbone of your company’s IT infrastructure. And as such, you need to ensure that they are protected from any malicious threats that may lead to data loss or corruption. Or else, you will have to seek server data recovery services in NYC.

We understand that every organization’s dream is to avoid downtime in retrieving any files stored in their server. And if your server goes down, so does your business until the issue is taken care of. Needless to say, downtime can cost you thousands of dollars.

Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Server Failure
While server failures can at times be unavoidable, you might want to use these methods to prolong the life of your server and keep it running flawlessly.

Avoid Overheating
It is important to keep your server cool by monitoring the room temperature where the server is stored. Recommended temperatures range between 55 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Besides, consider having a big fan to use in your server room in hotter temperatures. Or even better, as a backup if your building’s cooling system ever fails.

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