How On-the-go Breakfast Products Are Helping Busy People Start Their Day

The Rise of On-the-go Breakfast Products Industry

Changing Convenience Needs

Our fast-paced lives mean we often don't have time for a sit-down breakfast at home or at a café. As commutes get longer and schedules get busier, consumers are increasingly demanding breakfast products that can easily be eaten on the go. Breakfast bars, breakfast sandwiches, breakfast wraps, breakfast biscuits and granola or cereal bites have become popular choices for a portable breakfast that can be enjoyed in just a few minutes between other morning activities and tasks.

According to market research, nearly 60% of U.S. consumers eat breakfast daily, whether at home or on the go. However, the percentage of people eating breakfast away from home has increased significantly in the last decade. This trend towards breakfast convenience reflects the time constraints of modern life. For many people, the morning rush just doesn't allow time for a traditional sit-down breakfast even if they want one. Portable breakfast options have emerged to fill this need for a quick meal that can be prepared and eaten in under 10 minutes.

Rise of Breakfast Manufacturers

Major food manufacturers have taken note of this rising demand for portable breakfasts and have scrambled to offer innovative new products designed for convenience. Cereal giants like Kellogg's and General Mills now feature extensive product lines designed for on-the-go eating, such as breakfast biscuits, handheld cereal or granola bars, and breakfast shakes or smoothies sold in single-serve bottles or cartons.

Large fast food chains like McDonald's also recognize the profits to be made from breakfast and have expanded their morning menus to include items that can be easily consumed outside traditional breakfast locations. Sandwiches, McGriddles, breakfast burritos and burritos, and coffee drinks have helped drive more breakfast traffic to these established chains.

Specialty breakfast brands have also gained popularity catering speci