Handmade Paper Hanging Light, Squar Shape In Stock

Handmade with lots of love and care in high quality paper using the ancient Japanese paper folding method Origami, but its new version was specially developed to work as a table lamp!

27cm / 10 inch Hight X 19cm / 7 inch Width

This Nordic Japanese Denmark and Scandinavian hanging lamp is a perfect ornamental accessory to complete the decor of your living room, hallway, reading nook, or even bedroom. Made of brass with a spherical light paper shade, it is the perfect choice to create a warm atmosphere without overloading. A design is so clean and timeless that it will be very easy to match with any decorative style.

The Noguchi-inspired rice paper lamp emits a warm glow. Any color bulb, cool or warm, can be used and changed as desired. Japanese-inspired lamps give a simple, minimalist look to any room and do not overload it. This item is also easy to assemble. Simply stretch the lampshade like an accordion and wrap it around the iron skeleton.