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Delightful Residential  2 & 3 BHK  Flats/apartments

Delightful Residential 2 & 3 BHK Flats/apartments

Submitted by • September 26, 2015

So far, the real estate market in Pune is rational and realistic. Some research reports have suggested that the real estate sector in Pune is growing positively while that in Mumbai is experiencing a negative growth rate. The cost of apartments in Pune has not gone up due to inflation but due to increase in cost of construction materials, land cost and other economic factors. The ratio of absorption and supply is a lot better here than Mumbai as price is much within the reach of middle income purchasers. Latest areas have been steadily added to the real estate sphere of Pune and the supply of apartments here aids in keeping prices in check in other areas. However, some areas are clearly meant for special classes of consumers.

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