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Celebrity – Saina Nehwal Nature Report

Celebrity – Saina Nehwal Nature Report

Submitted by • March 13, 2013

You are a person of principles and if someone goes against your principles you get very uncomfortable and sometimes feel hurt. You are fond of speaking truth, nothing but truth. If someone tells or manufacture lies, he earns your disqualification and you will never forgive him. However, if the same person apologizes you will immediately forgive him and forget. You are also very fond of Co-borns and nearest and dearest ones, for that matter even your neighbour. You will always be a helping hand to them. However, you never receive matching reward from them. Sometimes they can go against you. Even then when they need your help you will still help them. You are habituated to work very hard. Your day to day health, functional health and stamina to work hard is there and you are dedicated and devoted to work. You get sound sleep. Rather sleeping any time is your weakness. Your chart denotes you sometimes, under angry situation can use harsh-words and become too much out spoken. At that momen

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