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Buy Second Hand Mahindra Tractor At Tractorguru

Buy Second Hand Mahindra Tractor At Tractorguru

Submitted by • December 18, 2019

Mahindra Tractors is the well known company for Tractors. It mainly Mahindra produced its first tractor in 1963, the Mahindra B-275. Mahindra Tractors sold about 85,000 units yearly making it one of the biggest tractor manufacturers in the world
TractorGuru - Second Hand Tractors is the India's largest platform of buying and selling tractors. About 200+ Used Tractors are been uploaded on website and majority of the people had bought their used tractors for farming. It is mainly for the people who can't afford a brand new tractor and for the people are in search of cost effective and best used tractors that is maintained and well functioning.
TractorGuru introduces Second Hand Mahindra Tractor 245 JIVO with 24 HP range. This second hand tractor lies under the price range of 315000-345000 with 2018 model holding with a legit RC and true owner
Visit the website or Install the dedicated second hand tractorguru app for more details about used tractors.


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