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Bionizer was founded in 2000, and is committed to creating a healthier environment by innovating a wide range of products for chlorine-free pool systems. With an office in Maroochydore, Queensland, and its production facility in Redland Bay in Queensland, Bionizer’s industry-leading products are all designed and manufactured in Australia. Today you can find our products in over 35 countries: in hotels, resorts, swim schools as well as thousands of domestic pools. Over the past years our company has seen a strong increase in pool owners looking for pool sanitation options that are chlorine free or low on chemical use. This growing trend is not only for environmental reasons, but also from a general new awareness of organic products and the need to minimize harsh chemicals that impact pool owners' health and that of their family. We have noticed more people are searching for pool solutions that are safe for children prone to asthma or allergies. Bionizer has made it its mission to provide as many people as possible with the best low-chemical solution for their pool, their family and the planet. What is Bionizer? Bionizer is a salt water pool chlorinator replacement system that uses ionization technology to sanitize pool water. It uses natural mineral ions (copper and silver) to transform swimming pools and spas to fresh drinking-quality water – without using chemicals such as chlorine. Bionizer works as a swimming pool purifier for all types of pools and spas whether it is an above ground swimming pool or in-ground pool or spa. A Bionizer pool system will completely replace your chlorinator or salt chlorinator system and leave your pool with clear, sparkling, healthy and fresh water that will give you the best swimming experience you will ever have. No more dry skin and hair, no more red eyes and no more corrosive salt.

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