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What is Big Data and its Importance ?

Big Data Technology is not only beneficial in the corporate world, but it can also be very valuable in areas of collaboration. In this scenario, the V of Value would... Read More

What is development and operations?

The DevOps and set of techniques allows for significantly faster product creation and improvement, allowing for continuous software delivery, improved functionality, and increased innovation. Collaboration also decreases complexity, stimulates innovation,... Read More

Cloud Computing an Introduction

The "Internet of Things" refers to every electronic device—and many other things—being connected to the Internet and interacting with it in real-time in some way so that it can be... Read More

ERP represents enterprise resource planning, yet what's the significance of ERP? The least complex approach to characterize ERP is to consider all the centre cycles expected to run an organization:... Read More

As you know that with the increasing use of smartphones, mobile apps and their use are becoming an inevitable part of modern technology. The need for mobile app developers is... Read More

As we know If we want to make something online as a design part so initially we need to work on ground level as Graphic designer then things move to... Read More

IT Consulting Services Frankfurt Germany

Zirkel Tech is a leading IT Mittelstand Outsourcing company offering expertise as a service for wide variety of domains that include Mobility, IOT, Cloud, Enterprise applications and legacy modernization.As a... Read More

DevOps can be defined as a methodology or an ideology. The principle on which DevOps stands is its ability at narrowing the gap between the Development (Dev) and the Operations... Read More