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Academy Day – Shantha Ratii Initiatives

The academy day is when students get to show what they have learnt. In 2021 students performed to the choreography of Panchatantra (ancient Indian collection of animal fables) which provided... Read More

Creating New Audiences in Dance, a forum by Shantha Ratii Initiative SRI. Expanding audience numbers for artforms especially in the field of dance has been a perennial problem, now exacerbated... Read More

Shantha Says – Shantha Ratii Initiatives

Shantha Ratii started her journey with Bharatanatyam at the young age of 5 years and has looked at dance and lived with it, through the wonderment of a child! Read more... Read More

Shantha Ratii having performed in the major festivals in India and internationally is widely recognised for her artistry, beguiling abhinaya, design-sense, eloquence and the gentle persuasive power that mark... Read More

Shantha Ratii Initiatives is one of the best Kuchipudi dance classes in Singapore. We offer regular training classes for learning Kuchipudi Indian classical dance with experienced teachers who will bring... Read More

Build your skills and express yourself through dance with Shantha Ratii Initiatives Bharatanatyam dance classes in Singapore. We offer good techniques from the beginning for all age groups. Shantha Ratii Initiatives... Read More