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Definition and Test Procedure of Fiber Strength

The strength of fiber can directly affect the quality and performance of products such as fabrics and composite materials. Therefore, in the production of fiber products, it is very important... Read More

Eight-Basket Oven: Guide to Feature, Structure and Process

Eight-Basket Oven is mainly suitable for measuring the moisture regain of raw materials and finished products such as cotton, wool, linen, silk, and textile printing and dyeing industries. It can... Read More

Testing Method for Oil Content of Man-Made Fibers

The oil content of fibers is usually used as one of the important indicators for fiber quality evaluation, which is of great significance for the processing and application of fibers.... Read More

Introduction of Fabric Anti-Electromagnetic Radiation Performance Tester

Fabric anti-electromagnetic radiation performance tester is used to measure the electromagnetic wave protection ability and electromagnetic wave shielding ability of textiles, plastic cloths, metal sheets, etc. So as to achieve... Read More

Sewing Machine: Working Principle and Classification

A sewing machine is a machine capable of forming one or more stitches on a sewing material, using one or more sewing threads to interweave or sew together one or... Read More