11 Mistakes Millennials Should Avoid During Job Interviews

Millennials represent a demographic cohort that are generally agreed to be born between 1983 and 1999. The generation has certain traits that make them distinct from the previous Generation X and Baby Boomers.

As of 2018, millennials represent the largest generation in the Indian workforce. If you are a millennial and looking for a job, you need to prepare well for the interview.

An interview is typically the last hurdle in getting a job. Here we have listed eleven mistakes that millennials normally make and also how to avoid them.
1. Not Being Dressed Properly
Coming to the interview without being properly dressed for the occasion is a common mistake made by millennials. Wearing t-shirts, flip-flops, capri pants, or shorts during the interview will throw a negative impression on the interviewer. In fact, the interviewer may thank you for your time and ask you to leave without even asking a single question if you come to the interview in casual attire.

While there is nothing wrong with wearing what feels right, giving an interview in casual attire projects an unprofessional image. You should dress properly for the occasion. Avoid wearing flashy jewellery or clothing that is too casual such as a t-shirt, golf shirt, jeans, or clothes with too-short hemlines or plunging necklines.

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